Drown In the River

chorus x 2
It sounds so good man, pass me the liquor
Pour another shot, drown in the river
So sweet, got a flow like water
The NEXO, gonna make that shit hotter

Verse – Romulis C.
Here we go, this could offend you…
Or it could be what you depend to
get you through the day without paying the price.
Staring down the shadows, holding a knife.

It might, be the last face you see.
Moving through the darkness, “Remember me?”
Wishing, you had a little bit more.
Listen to em scratching at the door trying to even the score.

You got no place to hide.
Everybo… Everybody, knows you lied.
I just hope you won’t pretend to
be the one we all depend to

get us through the day, and then to
get us through the night and then back too!
I came here to put things in motion.
Just, What is this commotion?



Mr Comfort

Nefarious XO