Building The Colossus

Turn the beat up loud, make it sound obnoxious
Pour another shot, make the party more raucous
Weed smoke thick, make you feel a little nauseous
Better think quick, can’t be too cautious

Hand me the mic, my label is TalkSick
Open up doors like my lyrics were a lock pick
Power to the people like Tiberius Gracchus
Trying to be free but they put me on a watch list

I’m a keep flowing like water from a faucet
I’m a keep going, I don’t have another option
I could talk fast like I’m speaking at an auction
Ain’t nobody understand but it sounds awesome

What if I had to leave you for dead because I’m fifty percent caustic?
Would you still stay a couple more days and dance inside this mosh pit?
I don’t even know what that means, it was thoughtless
Reaching for the sky, keep building the colossus



Mr Comfort

Nefarious XO