Bad Habitat ‘Paper People’ Available on Spotify etc…

Well… Better late than never, right?!

Three and a half years after its release, Bad Habitat‘s last album, Paper People, is finally available for digital distribution on iTunes and Spotify!

This intimate affair features appearances from our brother in arms Scotty Preston of Raise The Bridges, the inimitable Cordell Drake, Randal Wyatt, our favorite rapper from the band Speaker Minds, the always impressive Tyler Germann (Southeast), our Bizzarro World counterparts Nefarious XO (Pasha Rbdh, Romulis Caesar and Kable Roc) and our fellow Proper Knocksians Brady Merrigan, Max Graves, and Alex Samori. Oh, and Benjamin Mauro (Diction Uno ) stashed some vocals somewhere in there too!

Our long overdue follow up #RockSpeakers is out this summer. In the meantime, get acquainted if you haven’t already!

~ Bad Habitat



Mr Comfort

Nefarious XO